Mahina Journey

Why #MahinaJourney?


Carolin Desirée Toepfer and her team are on their #MahinaJourney. 3000km* through Europe – for more equality and to find the great ideas for our future after Corona. They are also following the money: Where will all the Corona aid go?

Carolin started her first business, a Technology Consultancy, in 2016. Currently, she is building what might be Europe’s biggest and most disruptive cyber security training provider in the future. Next to starting new tech businesses, she writes about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship as well as solutions for a sustainable digital transformation on her German blog and on Linkedin.

The current economic situation as well as global patriarchy and – in many areas – inhuman working conditions keep people and societies away from reaching their full innovative potential. Covid19 made it even worse. While the virus is top of the headlines, many stories have not been told within the last months. Especially the ideas and visions of young people, diverse entrepreneurs and local decision makers are what we are searching for on our #MahinaJourney.

In the end, we will settle (at least for a moment) in Tallinn and found #MahinaAccelerator, an initiative to support diverse founders who use technology to make our planet a more equal place. No matter which gender, sexual orientation, heritage, skin color, physical condition they have.

In the Hawaiian language, “Mahina” stands for moon or moonlight. The course of the moon has a different intensity and meaning for each person. For us it is a reminder to adapt our work organization to personal needs.

#MahinaJourney and #MahinaAccelerator might not change the mindset of every single intolerant individual.

At least we try.

[*in the end, due to the Covid situation, the tour ended after 2600km. But that doesn’t limit the experiences and learnings for all of us.]