Future of Mobility – not for (E)Bikes?

MahinaBike+Train, MahinaJourney2020

For the first three nights of my #MahinaJourney, I don’t even know where I will sleep. So I thought it would be nice to prepare a bit for the first border crossing. Made me end up buying a train ticket from Dresden to Prague… for me. Because for my bike, there is no online ticket option at the Deutsche Bahn website.

Not that much a problem, as I am currently in Berlin, with a lot of ticket sales points. Otherwise, bike tickets can be booked via phone and the you get them in the mail. (No, not e-mail. Oldschool.)

Lucky me could buy a paper ticket and a reserved seat for my bike – just six coaches away from my personal seat. Also good for both of us that I reserved 10 days in advance. The bike area is very often fully booked, I was told by the lady at the customer service centre…

…maybe a hint to create some more digital (!) offers for biking travellers? 🤔