Summer 2020: Roadmap


Tour Reality

As you can see below, I tried to plan my tour as detailed as possible. And then it turned out that geographic knowledge and flexibility are a much better combination than the best plan.

At some point, I realised that the best things to look at are European rivers. Most serve as recreational areas and and have well-developed cycle paths. Another criterion I kept an eye on was train and bus routes. Especially at the beginning of my tour, when the condition was not so good. And in the end, when I had to shorten one or the other route in order not to get stuck between corona restrictions.

Update No. 1

After a change in the Mahina team and with the experience of the first 100 kilometers, the current tour planning is as follows: more big cities with hotels and campsites, less stays in small villages and wild camping if only for one or two nights.

I will also make sure, that I mainly use European bike trails and search for information on national bike trails before travelling.

EuroVelo Website

From Prague to Vienna, I am planning to take the EuroVelo 7 Sun-Route from Prague over Budweis and Linz.

Gherkins Bike Trail

My way from Berlin to Dresden took me through the Spreewald. From Lübbenau to Cottbus, I followed the Gherkin.

Information & Map

First Changes

Due to the ongoing lockdown in most parts of Europe, it was nearly impossible to find open hotels, co-working spaces or even places where we could use a bathroom or take a shower. Therefore, we decided to give the first part of our journey a bit more time.

Initial Planning

Actually, we wanted to start our #MahinaJourney in mid-May and arrive Warsaw in mid-June…