+90km: Vienna > Bratislava


After the day of the Cargo Ride, I left Vienna to spend the sunny weekend in nature. My destination was Klosterneuburg, a small town with a beautiful old monastery, which is also Austria’s oldest winery. The local campsite is situated between the city and the danube floodplains, so I had a good location and also from the tent the perfect view into the green.

Due to the Corona situation I was not so motivated to visit the nearby lido or the swimming park in the neighbourhood. So I limited myself to a walk up to the monastery and a visit of the nature trail Auenlandschaft.

The latter is actually made for children, but also offers adults a great opportunity to enjoy forest bathing for one or two hours and learn more about the nature reserve on the banks of the Danube.

On Monday morning, I went back a few kilometres towards Vienna and continued on the Danube cycle path with destination Bratislava. The path leads over a long quiet Danube island and in large parts over the flood protection dike. But first of all it started to rain again. I was accordingly happy when I discovered a cyclists’ meeting point along the route and could take shelter for a while.

After hours of water drops falling from the sky, it became really beautiful again in the evening. I made a small stop in Orth, where there was the museum of the nature park and the last supermarket before my night’s lodging.

I had learned from other cyclists, that there are turtles in the national park, I accidentally met a biologist who counts them and helps them protect their brood. As I learned, foxes especially like turtle eggs and young turtles are also endangered. After a certain age they seem to get along fine on their own. The national park staff search and document the turtle nests and protect them with wire covers. This way the little turtles are a bit more safe at the beginning of their life.

My destination for the evening was then the Auterrassen in Stopfenreuth. There is a campground with a panoramic terrace and a swimming area. Boat sportspeople, hikers or cyclists can stay here for free for a maximum of two nights. There is no running water, but dry toilets are available in the summer season. I had taken 3 liters of drinking water with me and got along with it well.

The only problem was the missing power supply. So I spent the day in nature with relaxation and thinking. Which was quite interesting.
In the evening I stopped by the pub in the village to recharge my mobile phone. Otherwise I would not have been able to take any more pictures the next day.

To reach th next big city, I had two options. A longer route, which I actually wanted to cycle and the direct route via Hainburg. As the sun was burning quite a lot in the morning of my onward journey, I decided to take the short route. That was a good thing, because the way between Stopfenreuth and Bratislava leads almost completely through villages and fields and there is hardly any sun protection.

The border crossing was quite interesting. After an old border station on the Austrian side, there is a small casino and just behind it a blue open gate with metal spikes. That the iron curtain used to run here in former times is noticed a few meters further on by the reference to a bunker museum. A few minutes later, I reached the old town of Bratislava.