+400km: Krakow > Warsow


On my first evening in Krakow, I only made it from the bus station to the AirBnB apartment. I stayed there for a few days to work. Because my tour is not a holiday trip. My business continues as usual.

However, my next important destination is Warsaw, where I can pick up my Estonian e-residency card. So in Krakow I only have time for a few short tours through the city and the typical Pirogies.

My experiences on the spot:
Within the city limits of Krakow, the cycle path is always well developed, at least on one side of the river. I cycle through the old town and past the castle, take a short look at the enamel factory of Oskar Schindler, which is now a museum.

Then at some point the cycle path becomes holey. In some places you can see the route from the road, but there is no access. As soon as you leave the city behind you, you can follow the path through the floodplains. Similar to the Danube Bike Trail.

Besides the different conditions of the cycle paths, it is also a challenge to always find a suitable accommodation. The only one I find in the area is an old farm, which the owner has lovingly converted into a holiday camp called Kogutowo. The bike and I spend the night in an old wooden farmhouse, which we have all to ourselves. I have slept incredibly well.

The next day was pretty crazy. I knew I had to cycle far to get to the next campsite. In the end it became 115km.
When it already gets dark, I reach Sandomierz. The campsite is located on the mountain and besides campers there are also many motorcyclists on the way – an indication for exciting routes in the area.

But on the Wisla trail did not go further. Either way I had to ride along the country road. So I decided to shorten the way a little and instead of following the turns of the river, I took the direct way to the next stopover.

After another record day with 125km, I reached Kosienice, only 80km away from Warsaw. The campground was huge and beautiful. There was even a lake with pedal boats and swimming area. But so many mosquitoes that I quickly retreated into my tent – behind the mosquito protection. That was a good investment.

The last part of the track was quite a challenge. Because it was a Sunday, there were not many cars on the road, but many cyclists to orientate myself by. But after the rain I got to know another weather phenomenon: standing heat.

Tip for all those who cycle at 30 degrees or more without wind: drink, drink, drink – water and non-alcoholic drinks of course!

After a short phase of de-hydration and a good supply of fluids, I can really enjoy the last parts of the track again. Especially Konstancin-Jeziorna, a small town in the Warsaw area, is incredibly beautiful and very bicycle friendly. There are beautiful houses and a big park where people go for walks, do sports and usually there are events.

The next highlight is the city forest on the edge of the Polish capital. Here too, there are numerous signposted cycle paths and people meet for a barbecue. On this Sunday evening under the observation of the police riding team.