+250km: Warsow > Marijampole


After a few days in Warsaw, which I spent mostly working, I’m heading towards Lithuania. 
Originally, I wanted to go from Poland via the Haff and Kaliningrad. Since neither the Corona situation nor the political situation in Belarus are stable in summer 2020, I decide against it.

A quick internet search and asking the local reveals that there is not too much going on between Warsaw and the Lithuanian border. My tactic of riding along rivers doesn’t work either.

So I start off in the direction of Bialystok. But that is more than 200km away from Warsaw. And so I cycle half the distance, staying overnight on a farm in no man’s land. Only a few campers and craftsmen passing through have strayed here and supermarkets are few and far between. 

Then I continue by train to the city, the last strategic point before the border. In Bialystok I don’t find an open campsite, but an AirBnb accommodation. Here I can work in peace for a few days, plan the rest of the tour and take a look at the beautiful city centre. 

From there we continue into the moose area. Even though I was allowed to pitch my tent close to the field and forest edge that night, I unfortunately didn’t see any. 

After the moose night, I was once again unlucky with the weather. Just behind the campsite, it started to rain and I spent the whole day in a McDonalds branch in Augustow. Apart from large supermarkets and petrol stations, fast food outlets are a good place to stop on bike tours. Besides food and washrooms, they also have drinking water and electricity. In other words, everything you need. 

When it stopped raining, I drove to a nearby forest campsite. My tent is waterproof. So it was just a matter of waiting for a dry moment to be able to set it up properly.

The next day we went on to Suwalki. The small town lies on the lake and has a small stadium and a nice, well-maintained campsite. There are also many nice corners and well-maintained parks with free WiFi and a shopping centre. So I can stock up on equipment and provisions before continuing.

Meanwhile, some European countries are tightening up the Corona regulations and I don’t really know which restrictions apply where. From here on, I decide to focus my tour on arriving in Tallinn on time at the end of August. 

My next destination is Marijampole. The route from Suwalki goes straight from Poland to Lithuania, at the border there are still abandoned bases from another time. Here I realise once again what a gift the European Union is.