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During the last weeks, you sent me several messages regarding my current vegan + sugarfree nutrition. It’s not as crazy as it seems and for those of you who want to start the same after Christmas, here are some recommendations & easy recipes:

Be hard on yourself in the beginning, then it will be easier for you later!

When I changed my diet for the first time and gave up all kinds of industrial sugar, it was a really big change. Most products in supermarkets contain some kind of sugar. You have to find your new basics first – and leave everything else in the shop.

The first month is accordingly exhausting. Be tough about sugar withdrawal, but be kind to yourself. Give yourself time-outs, naps and substitute sweets, e.g. in the form of fruit. And if there are 2 or 3 products who have less than 5g sugar on 100g, I would also not throw them away. For me, that mainly counts for oat milk and hummus.

It’s definitely worth it and after the first hard withdrawal it’s much easier to get back into the rhythm. On my bikepacking tour, I was not always able to eat optimally due to the local offers, but afterwards I only needed 3 days for the change.

Have your basics at home!

Sugarfree products are mainly those who are not processed – and there are a lot. Here are my favourites

  • brown rice
  • round grain rice
  • oats (the raw ones without any additional stuff)
  • (wholemeal) pasta
  • crushed tomatoes
  • coconut milk (full fat)
  • oat milk (less than 5g sugar is okay for me, you can also choose without sugar 😉 )
  • potatoes
  • nuts
  • lots of vegetables
  • fresh & frozen fruits (be careful, there is also a lot of natural sugar inside!)
  • sugarfree peanut butter (don’t search next to the Nutella, have a look at the shelf with indian food 😉 )
  • dark bread (read the ingredient list: malt sugar is also sugar, there are just a few sugarfree sorts)
  • vegan cheese
  • tofu balls, falafel,…
  • vegetable soups
  • cooking oil
  • crisps (have a look at the ingredient list! There are some with salt who don’t have sugar)
  • good raw spices

For the non-vegans: You can also add plain joghurt, kefir, butter milk, butter, eggs to your shopping list. And good meat and fish of course. Here you just have to follow the same principle as with everything else: Raw is sugarfree, processed might include a lot of it.

Especially for your first sugarfree shopping trip, you might want to visit a bigger supermarket and take some time to look around, read ingredient list and find interesting new products.

Eat enough!

My biggest problem with sugarfree, that I didn’t eat enough. I had this problem again for some days, when I went to a vegan diet to improve my training. In the beginning, make sure you have big meals and enough healthy snacks at home or in your bag.

Lifehack when travelling is possible again: nobody understands special diets, but when you say you are allergic, you can carry your own food on board. Even work with budget airlines.

Drink enough!

Water, tea, coffee… all without sugar.

I am constantly carrying my filter water bottle around and refill it several times a day. It’s also kind of training. 😉

Don’t stress yourself!

There are three things that really help me a lot with healthy nutrition: shopping lists, a kettle and my rice cooker. All three help me to prepare food without any stress. If you cook a bit more, you can have a second portion the other day or take food to work. Breakfast can also be prepared the evening before.

Here you find some recipes for the start.

Have fun!


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