Obstacles – how to deal with them in a healthy way

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Imagine you are on the record trail of your life – a tour consisting of 120 triathlons around the world, 40.000km in total. 

Jonas Deichmann set off on his yet biggest adventure at the end of the Corona Summer 2020. And then the second lockdown wave came – right before Christmas. Not only shops and restaurants, but also borders were closed again. The planned route from Munich to Munich via South-Eastern Europe, Russia, Shanghai, San Francisco and New York – impossible due to countless bureaucratic hurdles. 

Currently, Jonas is bikepacking in Turkey and looking for a sailboat that can take him from Europe to America.

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During a break, he wrote down what everyone can do when obstacles turn plans upside down:

In entrepreneurship and in life, things often don’t go according to plan. That can be frustrating but simply is part of the journey.

Let’s face it: If your plan just worked smoothly and perfectly, it probably wasn’t ambitious enough and worth fighting for in the first place.

During my expeditions in remote and exotic locations, nothing works according to plan – and I like it.

Here are three things that help me in such situations:

  1. Stay positive
  2. Focus
  3. Make a list

1. Stay positive and remind yourself of the bigger picture

It is easy to be overwhelmed by a crisis and become negative, but that doesn’t change anything. Remind yourself that you are following your dream. This is the journey you wanted to undertake and yes, you had the courage to do it.

On your way, something went wrong. But if you are still going in the right direction, then that’s just a part of it. Staying positive is absolutely key!

And if you weren’t following your dream in the first place – then we have a much more serious problem here.

2. Focus on the things you can influence

Often, there are things that are out of our control. They take away our energy and time. Don’t get obsessed with the external environment if you can’t change it. Move on and concentrate on things that have a positive impact.

3. Write yourself a list with things you should do next

When things go wrong it’s often also chaotic overall. Writing down a priority list gives you structure and a direction. Write it on paper and put it in front of you. A priority list on your phone or laptop doesn’t work that well.

I bet you will check the news or social media between working on the points on your list. Avoid these distractions!

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Jonas Deichmann is an extreme athlete, adventurer and motivational speaker. He was the first person to cross Eurasia under his own power and holds several world cycling records. Most recently, he added the record for the longest swim without an escort boat to his record list. You can find out more about his current challenge and his live tracker at jonasdeichmann.com.