Sponsoring + Advertising Opportunities


Team emoticomms is currently working on extending our Mahina content network. Soon, the accelerator, the Mahina Hotels directory and Mahina Sports will be divided into three different yet connected websites. This will make our content even easier to find, for our readers as well as search engines and voice assistants. Our experienced marketing team is also available to create individual content formats for our sponsors.

As you might have heard yet, all the money we make with content partnerships and crazy sports challenges goes directly to our diverse founders. For companies and brands with a focus on B2B, Tech and (Extreme) Sports, we have several ideas for sponsoring and content cooperations in 2021. Feel free to send us your creative ideas as well!

Mail: team [at] mahina-accelerator.com

#MahinaJourney2021 – Equipment Sponsoring


Every gram counts when bikepacking. We offer selected manufacturers of robust equipment the opportunity to take their products on tour and test it.

This offer includes linking/tagging in the relevant social media updates from the tour, in combination with references to other brands.

To give startups and smaller vendors a chance to reach our community, you can choose the price for this cooperation yourself, the minimum amount is EUR 2500. The tour lasts about 3 months and all proceeds go to the founders in our Mahina Diverse Tech Accelerator program.

For all bikepacking fans, we will also create a page with discount codes. So think about a good deal!

min. 2500 EUR

#DigitalNomad Solutions

There are many interesting digital solutions that make working remote while travelling easier.

If you provide such a solution that adds value for our community, we invite you to sponsor our content creation.

Content sponsors have no influence on the content, as with any good journalistic work.

2500 EUR per stream, video or blog post incl. re-posts, long-term partnerships preferred

#MahinaHotels – Digital Nomad approved 3-5* Hotels

While on tour, the Mahina Hotels package includes a systemic analysis of your location during a stay as well as a 2 hour data protection/ cybersecurity training for your team or management. The aim is to optimise your house to meet the needs of digital nomads and travelling athletes.

When matching at least 80% of our criteria, we will add your house to our Mahina Hotels category on the blog incl. a direct link, so you can avoid platform fees when receiving bookings from our readers.

You can also make your membership of our community visible with a sticker on your front door.

2500 EUR + 6 night stay during #MahinaJourney2021, please find the current route below


With the female Twitch streamer and gamer M3lly as well as experienced leadership trainer Marieluise Maiwald, we have two great experts in the wings to provide interesting business content to a wide audience.

We invite you to sponsor their sessions. Content sponsors have no influence on the content, as with any good journalistic work.

2500 EUR per stream incl. re-posts, long-term partnerships preferred


Parallel to this year’s Bikepacking Tour, the construction of our Mahina Space in Tallinn continues. Berlin and NYC are also in the pipeline.

These environments – workstations, meeting areas, our team kitchen and the Founder Workshop – also offer various opportunities to present suitable brands.

In addition to sponsoring equipment, we also offer sponsorship of individual spaces and areas, which in turn appear on our online channels.

Please ask for individual offer!

The contract partner in each case is the Estonian Mahina Diverse Tech Accelerator OÜ, a subsidiary of the German cdt digital GmbH. Further information: https://cdtdigitalgroup.com. Experience has shown that tour planning can change during the tour. We also do not yet know how the Corona measures will be designed in Europe in the summer of 2021. Even if the original planning cannot be carried out, there will be an alternative route.